The New Facebook Pages: Things to Prepare Before You Publish

On March 30, 2012 Facebook will publish all the Facebook Pages to a new design similar to the new user profile Timeline. The update touches many areas such as layout, features, capabilities and reach, and admin tools, and users currently have the option to publish it themselves if they wish not to wait till March 30.

Is the new page design good? yes it is. Is it bad, not at all. Should you make the move before March 30? The answer lies in your  current business needs.

If you are a page owner or admin you will need to prepare for the migration, especially if you are running a heavily developed business page or running multiple pages and tabs. Things will drastically change and you don’t want to wake up on April 1st calling up your designers and developers first thing in the morning.

The New Facebook Pages Design

The New Facebook Page Design

Two Scenarios Where We advise To Wait Till The Last Moment

1- If you are currently running a campaign on your Facebook page utilizing the Default Landing Tab option and it is generating satisfying results. The new Facebook Pages will abolish the default landing tab feature. People will land on your Page’s timeline right away. So if you are relying on your kick-ass default landing tab to attract LIKES or conversion or any other sort of  acquisition, you might witness a drop in that. What to do? Leave the migration to the last day and prepare a strategy to attract your visitor’s attention to click on the Tab thumbnail. One option will be continuously posting about your tabs in your timeline.

2- If you have many pages and tabs. if you are running several pages and tabs (especially heavy ones) you probably need some hours from a designer and from an HTML resource especially if you want to adapt your tabs to the new width option of 810 pixels. It is better if you start putting in the new images and sizes and modifications in the Preview mode and start publishing the pages one by one as you finish them. Simply click on the Preview link that shows at the top of the old design and you can work on the new design with it being published.

What To Prepare For?

Design a New Page Cover Photo: Same as the new personal profile timeline, Pages will have a big cover photo of 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. So that’s one thing your designer will need to work on. It is a big space you need a kick-ass big attractive design. But BE CAREFUL, you can’t utilize it for your promotions or offers or for LIKE messages, read more about the Facebook rules on how the new Page cover photo should be.

Design a New Page Profile Picture: the tall profile picture on the left side will no longer exist, and will be replaced by a smaller square image. Better to upload a 180×180 pixels image and facebook might resize it to 125×125 or 150×150 pixels depending on someone’s screen size.

Page Tabs width: the tabs width area has changed. Now you can utilize a big 810 pixels wide area instead of the old 520 pixels. Your current tabs will still show in the new layout but you might need to start working on a new wider design to better utilize the space into a more effective attention grabber. If you wish to keep your current tabs width, just make sure that your HTML guys center the tab in the code files so it does not show aligned to the left.

New Content, Milestones: the new timeline for Facebook Pages offers more content capabilities. One instance is Milestones, you can add important milestones that happened in the timeline of your company such as winning an award or opening a new branch… This way your visitors will be as if reading a story line about your company’s achievements.

New Content, Pinposts: you can feature certain posts at the top left side of your page. They will remain pinned there for 7 days. So start modifying your strategy and check what things are important that you want to feature for your audience to see.

What’s The Main Thing That Will Go Away

Default Landing Tabs option will no longer exist. Your page timeline will be the default landing page, but each tab will remain accessible through a thumbnail at the top of your page under the cover photo.

What’s a One Rule You Should Not Miss

You can’t utilize the new cover photo for your promotions or offers or for LIKE messages, read more about the Facebook rules on how the new Page cover photo should be.

What’s a One Thing You should Benefit From

The new tabs size, now you can utilise a full 810 pixels wide tabs, now with this new width it is more like you are having your website on Facebook.

Read More About The New Facebook Pages

Here is a good read about the topic:

1- Your ultimate reference, Facebook:

2- The Social Media Examiner gives a quality analysis with screenshots

3- A great creative way to explain what’s new in the new Facebook Pages Timeline

I hope you found my article useful. If you have any questions about the new Facebook Pages, leave your comments below and I will reply to you.

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