How can your website images help your website SEO

This is where the image ALTERNATE TEXT shows
This is where the image CAPTION text shows

You might not know this but your website images play a role in the overall SEO performance of your website. I’ll take you through 4 techniques which will enhance your website’s ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing. Here is what these search engines love to see.

search engines love the organization and clarity of content whether it was text, images, or videos

Here is what you have to do:

Use quality images: of course search engines do not check your images graphics quality but good quality images impresses the users and make them spend more time on your site, and makes them come back. This leads to a better traffic numbers which pleases search engines.

Use meaningful file name for your images: yes the file name as in “imagename.JPEG”. This static dull name means to search engines as much as it means to you. So if you are writing a review about Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible, instead of uploading an image name such as “img001.jpeg” make sure you give it a meaningful descriptive name such as “mission-impossible-ghost-protocol.jpeg”. when someone is searching for Mission Impossible, your image will be listed in the search engine Images search results page. And when a user clicks on the image, he will be taken to your site.

Use meaningful Alternate Text: more known as the ALT TEXT. The way this field works is as follows. Some people disable images in their internet browsers so as not to load images when they are browsing websites, there are several reasons why people might do that, one reason is that they might have a slow internet connection and if they disable the images their browsing experience becomes faster. Disabling images will normally show a grey box in the place of the image but the image will not load, instead the ALT TEXT will show. As a result, those users will be able to know more about the image without seeing it.

Use meaningful image Title Tag: when this field is filled, it will show in a small popup box when you move your mouse over the image. Use this to provide more info about the image, but make sure it is relevant and not too long, a sentence could do, for example: “This is a picture of the moon looking yellow at new year’s eve yesterday”. If you are using Word Press or Joomla or any other similar system, you will find this attribute in the image edit page next to the ALT description. Your image Title tag and ALT tag can be the same.

Those four steps should be enough to get your website images a healthy tag from search engines.

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