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Do websites die? can they become a mere obituary of their owner’s life? Just a tombstone listing the achievements of its cherished owner? I was conducting a research about politicians websites as part of a new website project I have for a Lebanese political figure. As a practice, I had to study the global market, and more specifically, the Lebanese.

Any one in my shoes will start his research by looking for top political figures’ websites. In Lebanon, the Hariri family is on the top of that list. PM Rafic Hariri, RIP, was assassinated  in 2005 and from what it seems, his virtual being died with him. So yes websites can die. But how?

From one Hariri website to another, I found good material suitable for Merriam Websters Dictionary definition of “Obsolete”. But I have confidence that one day his entities will pick them up and get them polished just as the recent revamped Hariri Canadian University. It took the current caretakers of the university 10 years to redesign the website, which currently can be  removed from Merriam Webster’s definition of “Obsolete”. But better late than never right? unless “late” happens regularly.

The family seems to have interest in online but needs good and knowledgeable hands to take care of that. Knowing how to make a webpage with few hyperlinks and images is not enough as it shows in the below examples.

The top site though of a Hariri link is former PM Saad Hariri official website, son of Rafic Hariri,

But what about the other Hariri websites? It is quite a mess.

Rafic Hariri Website Rafic Hariri Official

  • Latest news dated 2009
  • Needs redesign
  • Needs content restructuring
  • No proper user experience/interface
 Rafic Hariri Website The second Official Rafic Hariri Website

  • Good design
  • Latest news dated 2010
  • No update to the international investigation section
  • Limited content
 Rafic Hariri Website The Hariri Foundation Official

  • Needs redesign
  • Needs content restructure
  • Very old content still featured, Mrs. Bahia Hariri with Prince Charles
  • No proper user experience/interface

Bahia Hariri with Prince Charles

 Rafic Hariri Website What it seems as a second official website for the Foundation?This one seems to be the new one, and the one above is the old

  • Latest News: 2009
  • Needs redesign
  • Needs content restructure
  • Needs more content, big foundation should have more content
  • No proper user experience/interface
 Rafic Hariri Website The Future Movement

  • No Comment
 Rafic Hariri High School  Rafic Hariri High

  • A big mess
  • Main links are not present on the homepage, I only got to the main website links when I went to an inside page
  • Re-branding is in dyer need, logo needs redesign
  • Needs redesign and functionality revamp
  • Needs content, a school should have tons of content
  • No proper user experience/interface
  Hariri Foundation – Directorate of Health & Social

  • Big mess
  • Needs redesign
  • Needs content restructure
  • No proper user experience/interface
 Saad Hariri Twitter Account Saad Hariri Twitter Account

  • Today is Sep 12 2011, last tweet was on Sep 1
  • The account is not verified (does not have the verified blue icon)
  • All his tweets seem to be posted by his team, that’s fine, but he should  post from time to time to establish and keep a personal bond with his supporters
  • The content on the background image is not visible, it should be moved more to the sides.

Website do die, they become obsolete and useless. But when financial resources are not an issue, it is a shame.


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