Best Strategy for Having a Flash Website

So you want to enjoy your candy love and not have a toothache? well that’s not gonna happen!

I get so furious everytime I visit a website and find out that it is flash based because it means that there is somebody missing the point at the other end of the line.  Flash is a great presentation tool, but not so great as a source of information. So when I visit a company website such as, which is a very lovely website by the way and I don’t mean to negatively critisize them, I get my whiplash shaking for some action.

It is not a hidden fact, we are in the internet search age.  Search search search is all what we do. Clients search for suppliers and suppliers search for clients. And who’s a better source than the tooth fairy to ask, the search engines, Google Bing Yahoo…

I work for an online solutions company and we get many clients through search engines organic searches (appearing in the search results page is called organic search).  Nowadays it is so important to have a website well engineered to be properly accessed and indexed by the top search engines.

For now I will only throw my advice without a technical twist and I will write another article detailing the good and bad about Flash websites and why HTML is a wiser choice.

The best strategy for having a flash website is by simply having it as a secondary site. That is my #1 advice to everyone who is thinking to have a flash site. Your first main primary website should be an HTML website, with proper implementation of search engine optimization techniques. A flash version of the website is a great asset to have and can be provided as a funky presentation tool accessed through a global button at the top of your pages to capture the admiration of visitors.

Restricted in budget? if you don’t have a budget to do both then go for the HTML website because it is very logical. Having a limited budget means you have X amount of money and you want to generate the best out of it. HTML website will generate more money as it will get you more clients through the web.

Note: the above study does not apply on all cases all the time. There might be certain needs and circumstances where the above analysis simply won’t work out. I can give provide you with a real example. One of my clients runs a media company. After I explained to him the benefits as shown above he chose a flash website. The business rational was that his startup company has small number of resources and thus limited production capacity. He can only serve customers through his own sales endevours and word of mouth. Generating customers from search engines search results will have a negative PR for his company as he might have to turn them down.


2 responses to “Best Strategy for Having a Flash Website

  1. If you depend on search engines to drive traffic then there are too many disadvantages to having a flash site. I tell my students and clients to create a second site with only HTML so that all the pages get indexed. This means double the site updates though, flash site then HTML site.

    HTML5 might be a game changer though, incorporating video/animation into the mix of raw browser capabilities should shake things up a bit.

    Good Hunting.

    • That is wise I’m happy to know that students are being taught this detail of sound logic.

      As to doubling the updates effort, if a CMS is being used, then the same CMS can be programmed to generate an XML document to feed the flash site. So there will be one instance of content update 🙂

      I’ve read a bit about HTML 5 but I haven’t got deep into it’s capabilities. If you know a good article about the topic please share.

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