Misleading Ads on Facebook and How to Stop Them

Misleading Ads on Facebook

How to Stop Misleading Ads on Facebook

I have taken this image from Facebook Ads, those little advertisement boxes that appear on the right side column of your Facebook pages. I personally like them because they get you tailored Ads that relate to you, and the advertisers are mostly interesting. Food, discounts, gadgets (not that I’m a gadget man), news, technology…

Normally the Ads are pre-approved by Facebook and they really have firm terms and conditions of every Ad that goes on their site. I was advertising on Facebook for one of the companies I used to work for, an online games publishers, and Facebook rejected my campaign because I used a medival warrior image with a sword. Swords and weapons are not allowed in Facebook Ads.

If your Ad is misleading and takes you to a page different from what the Ad promised, they reject it as well, but sometimes they or their system miss, normal.

For those of you who know Arabic, you are good to read and understand the text in the image above. For those who do not know Arabic language, the picture says “The Rape of Samar frm the Famous Turkish Show”.

Samar is a very famous Turkish actress. But did she get raped? Well the Ad says so, but when you click on it and go to the news website, you will discover that they are talking about her latest TV series where she takes the character of a girl who gets raped… That is really an unprofessional way by the news website to attract readers, the site name is www.wikeez.com and I already hate them becuase they are not the first time they do it.

You can read the article on the advertiser website click here

Why do those advertisers do that? Simply to increase their website traffic, and as a result they can show those traffic numbers to the people who are advertising on their site, who will get impressed by their traffic, and thus advertise on their site and pay them money. That is the simple case in simple words.

In order to maintain a healthy advertising environment, Facebook has implemented a very smart system so it does not end up being an annoying spam world like many website out there. One of its features is that you can stop certain unwanted Ads from appearing again in your pages, and as a result, help in only showing desired Ads. Repitition of removed Ads by different users will end up in an action taken by Facebook towards the advertiser by preventing him from running future campaigns.

In case you are getting misleading or unwanted Ads, here is what you can do to stop them in two simple clicks:

How to Disable Unwanted Ads on Facebook

1. Move your mouse over, click close


How to Disable Unwanted Ads on Facebook

2. Select a reason, you're done3. To Undo


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