Facebook Mail?


That is my prediction for quiet some time. I have been thinking of it for the past few months, think it is a logical progression to Facebook’s domination over the online users market. Soon enough Facebook users will be able to have their email addresses @facebook.com.

Many of the leading internet giants have their big share in the webmail market. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, AOL. The race to have the biggest number of subscribers led to big benefits for us the users from design to security to storage.

But there is one giant who can flip things around and steal a good 500 million users.

Although currently Facebook offers a messaging system but it is not a proper mailing system since Facebook users can only send and recieve message from/to other Facebook users.

I am sure a Facebook mail is on Zukerberg’s agenda in some drawer, or maybe already under development who knows, and although the big guys such as Google and Hotmail has been there for a while, I believe Facebook can easily take over a huge share out of the other giants basket.


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