The New Facebook Pages: Things to Prepare Before You Publish

On March 30, 2012 Facebook will publish all the Facebook Pages to a new design similar to the new user profile Timeline. The update touches many areas such as layout, features, capabilities and reach, and admin tools, and users currently have the option to publish it themselves if they wish not to wait till March 30.

Is the new page design good? yes it is. Is it bad, not at all. Should you make the move before March 30? The answer lies in your  current business needs.

If you are a page owner or admin you will need to prepare for the migration, especially if you are running a heavily developed business page or running multiple pages and tabs. Things will drastically change and you don’t want to wake up on April 1st calling up your designers and developers first thing in the morning.

The New Facebook Pages Design

The New Facebook Page Design

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How can your website images help your website SEO

This is where the image ALTERNATE TEXT shows
This is where the image CAPTION text shows

You might not know this but your website images play a role in the overall SEO performance of your website. I’ll take you through 4 techniques which will enhance your website’s ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing. Here is what these search engines love to see.

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The Bad Content inside Bulk Mailing Lists – Why Not To Buy

So why not to buy or use bulk mailing lists? Emails FlyingLet’s start with a quick definition for the less savvy readers, bulk mailing lists are normally obtained on a CD which you can physically buy, or order online and get it delivered, or digitally download. They contain a lar ge amount of people and companies’ email addresses. As a marketer, you can buy those lists for the purpose of using the email addresses in your email marketing campaign. They normally come in several file formats, spread sheets (MS Excel) is one example.

If you need a professional opinion and you don’t have time to read, don’t buy bulk email lists. If you have time to know why, continue reading. I will be publishing another article soon on the consequences of using such lists, but for now this article discusses the bad content nature of the bulk email lists. Continue reading

The death of a Prime Minister’s website this page might not show properly if you are using the IE9 internet browser. If so, simply click on the Compatibility View button, up next to the refresh button, and it should do the fix.

Do websites die? can they become a mere obituary of their owner’s life? Just a tombstone listing the achievements of its cherished owner? I was conducting a research about politicians websites as part of a new website project I have for a Lebanese political figure. As a practice, I had to study the global market, and more specifically, the Lebanese.

Any one in my shoes will start his research by looking for top political figures’ websites. In Lebanon, the Hariri family is on the top of that list. PM Rafic Hariri, RIP, was assassinated  in 2005 and from what it seems, his virtual being died with him. So yes websites can die. But how? Continue reading

Best Strategy for Having a Flash Website

So you want to enjoy your candy love and not have a toothache? well that’s not gonna happen!

I get so furious everytime I visit a website and find out that it is flash based because it means that there is somebody missing the point at the other end of the line.  Flash is a great presentation tool, but not so great as a source of information. So when I visit a company Continue reading

Misleading Ads on Facebook and How to Stop Them

This gallery contains 4 photos.

I have taken this image from Facebook Ads, those little advertisement boxes that appear on the right side column of your Facebook pages. I personally like them because they get you tailored Ads that relate to you, and the advertisers are mostly interesting. Food, discounts, gadgets (not that I’m a gadget man), news, technology… Normally […]

Facebook Mail?

That is my prediction for quiet some time. I have been thinking of it for the past few months, think it is a logical progression to Facebook’s domination over the online users market. Soon enough Facebook users will be able to have their email addresses

Many of the leading internet giants have their big share in the webmail market. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, AOL. The race to have the biggest number of subscribers led to big benefits for us the users from design to security to storage.

But there is one giant who can flip things around and steal a good 500 million users.

Although currently Facebook offers a messaging system but it is not a proper mailing system since Facebook users can only send and recieve message from/to other Facebook users.

I am sure a Facebook mail is on Zukerberg’s agenda in some drawer, or maybe already under development who knows, and although the big guys such as Google and Hotmail has been there for a while, I believe Facebook can easily take over a huge share out of the other giants basket.